Silence opens first Flagship Store in Europe in Luxembourg

Silence, a company that specialises in designing and manufacturing 100% electric motorbikes ‘Made in Barcelona’, is taking its first step into Europe by opening a Flagship Store in Luxembourg. 

After eight years in the business and over 7.000 motorbikes sold (to fleets for service companies, deliveries and public parks), Silence is moving into the individual market, as well as crossing the Pyrenees.

A clear commitment to sustainability

Based in Kockelscheuer, the Luxite business district, the young Luxembourg company Cube4T8 will be in charge of developing and implementing innovative micromobility solutions for Luxembourg and the Greater Region. According to Laurent Gouverneur, head of new project development at Cube4T8, “The automotive sector is in the midst of a radical shift and it will change even more over the next 5 years.”

Silence is the companys first project in sustainability and electric mobility. It is a concept store that aims to contribute its grain of sand to making cities healthier by selling the S01 model to individual drivers.
It is a two-wheeled vehicle, equivalent to a 125cc motorbike, that is fully equipped and has a removable trolley-style battery system that overcomes the typical challenges of charging points.

This new model, according to Silence founder and CEO Carlos Sotelo, aims to “be more than just a motorbike”. With the new S01 model, “we aim to offer users a sustainable lifestyle that adapts to their needs”.
So, beyond the vehicles themselves, Silence is also selling a “solar tree” to charge batteries (without being hooked up to the grid) and an inverter, to use the power stored in the battery for other purposes.

The new Flagship Store Silence in Luxembourg is located at Route Thionville 78-90, located right in the center of business, and with a very busy area for businesses in the sector.

«Today is a great day for Silence, we mark a historic record in the calendar, we opened a store in Luxembourg» – Carlos Sotelo

The new bike for the individual is a two-wheeled vehicle, equivalent to a 125cc, fully connected and with extractable battery-type trolley- that allows breaking with the barriers of the charging points. The objective of this new model is, according to Carlos Sotelo, CEO and founder of Silence, «to be more than a motorcycle». With the new S01 «we intend to offer the user a way of life».

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