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¿Te atreves con Silence a hacer mejores las ciudades?


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Carbon footprint

“The carbon footprint is known as” the totality of greenhouse gases (GHG) emitted by direct or indirect effect of an individual, organization, event or product “. Such environmental impact is measured by carrying out an inventory of GHG emissions or a life cycle analysis according to the type of footprint, following recognized international regulations, such as ISO 14064, PAS 2050 or GHG Protocol among others. The carbon footprint is measured in mass of CO2 equivalent. Once the size and the footprint are known, it is possible to implement a strategy of reduction and / or compensation of emissions, through different programs, public or private.”

**Datos estimados según vehículos vendidos y media de km anuales realizados por nuestros clientes. Y sobre cálculo GEI para motos equivalentes a 125cc.