Silence 1 Desde hace 9 años diseñamos, desarrollamos y fabricamos scooters
eléctricos y battery packs con tecnología propia. Un gran equipo
Silence haciendo realidad un sueño: mejorar tu vida y la de tu ciudad.
made in barcelona 100% electric



The beginning of Silence

Silence was set up by
Carlos Sotelo with
the aim of creating an
electric vehicle that
could break the
existing barriers:
infrastructure and price.
Work began on the
S01 for personal use.

Los inicios de Silence


Research + Development + Innovation

In 2012, we began designing, researching and developing the electronics for the S01 model, which is key to creating a good product.

Over the course of the year, we detected a market for companies and created the S02, an electric scooter perfect for delivery and business fleets.


Silence scooters hit the road

Production of Silence S02 models began.
The exclusive “Drive System” technology is currently being tested in the Silence test bench, with a boost in technology, safety and innovation for all scooters.


Commercial launch

Three important new shareholders joined Silence: Repsol, La Caixa and the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI), bringing in the resources needed to launch the S02 to market and develop the S01.

The first S01 prototype with the removable Power Battery Pack slid into and latched on the first aluminium chassis of the S01.


Hitting the fleet market

First full year of marketing the S02 model in Spain for fleets in the delivery, police and mobility agent versions.

Silence reached an agreement with Cellnex Telecom to develop scooters that are always in contact with their owners through the Internet of Things, giving users immediate information on the scooter at any time through remote access.


Consolidation on the Spanish market

Silence closed out the year with a 57% share of the L3e electric scooter market in Spain, consolidating its place as the benchmark brand.

Customers like Correos España (the Spanish mail service) and the Barcelona City Council have trusted Silence to take the leap to electric. Silence began expanding internationally.


New factory for electric scooters and batteries

In April 2017, we moved and inaugurated our new factory in Molins de Rei (Barcelona). The plant can manufacture up to 10,000 scooters a year and 12,000 battery packs. We are the only Spanish company that, in addition to manufacturing vehicles, make our own battery packs.

Silence continued to be the leading electric-scooter company for fleets in Spain in 2017.


Commercial expansion and motosharing

Silence is currently expanding the brand, both in Spain and abroad.
– First S03 models went on sale, with three wheels. Specially designed for delivering heavier, larger goods, making them more stable and comfortable to ride.
– The company began creating its distribution network with the Silence Flagship Stores in Spain.
– Numerous sharing companies have chosen the Silence S02 scooters: Acciona Mobility, Scoot and MOLO.


S01 hits the market

In 2019, we are launching to market the model everyone has been waiting for: the S01.The scooter for personal use, with a patented removable battery system, is here to revolutionise and break down all the barriers.


We continue to grow…


More than 90 people are making this new path to sustainable urban mobility possible.

The Silence team is made up of professionals from several sectors with extensive experience, plus a powerful Spanish R&D team: engineers, drivers, mechanics, designers and electronics experts.

But… Who leads Silence?


Silence was born out of passion.

Silence 2


Founder & CEO of SILENCE

Carlos has always been surrounded by two-wheeled vehicles, both professionally and as a hobby. He is so passionate about motorbikes that he has done the Dakar route on several occasions. That is where he discovered the value of time and the peace that comes from the absolute silence of the desert.

This is where the brand of electric scooters he created gets its name: Silence.

Patents and electronics

Silence 3
Silence 4
Silence 5

Since 2014 Silence counts on the support of three new and important shareholders to achieve its objectives: Repsol, La Caixa and the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI). The entrance of these business and scientific world colossus allows us to endow the project with all necessary resources, have a solid financial capacity and launch S02 model to the market and develop S01 model.

caixa capital risc
Silence 6
Premio a la Gestión e Innovación Empresarial

Silence was recognized with the European Award for Management and Business Innovation 2018 for its commitment to business innovation through the development and manufacture of electric scooters.

Premio Nacional EnerAgen 2015

Silence was awarded with the EnerAgen 2015 national award for its 100% efficient electric motorbikes development, production and distribution with its own RDI. This prestigious award, presented by the Association of Spanish Energy Management Agencies means an honour and a great push for the company.

Premio EmprendedorXXI 2015

Silence has won the Spanish Entrepreneur XXI prize awarded by La Caixa and the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, in the category “Creces”(Grows) industry for the development, production and distribution of electric scooters 100% efficient with an own RDI. With this award, Silence has become the company with the best growth potential in the industry sector nationwide.

Premio PYME a la cxSDv
Premio Pyme en la categoría Innovación tecnológica

SME Award to the cxSDv, the SME Award in the Technological Innovation category among more than 130 candidates in the XII Edition of the SME Awards, organized by Expansión and Ifema, with the collaboration of Orange and SGR-Cesgar.


Luike delivers to Silence -in the V edition of the Luike Motor Awards- the best-selling Electric Scooter award for the results achieved with its S02 model (2,083 vehicles registered in Spain).

Premios Estrella Luike del Motor