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AFTER 40,000 km, SILENCE BATTERIES AS NEW!   At SILENCE we have carried out an exhaustive study with batteries with more than 400 charge and discharge cycles, which we manufacture and develop in our Molins de Rei production plant where we check the maintenance status of our products. With the participation of different clients who work…

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What does electric transport offer? 5 essential keys

The fact that we are immersed in a cloud of pollution and that our planet is increasingly noticing it, as well as our health, is a great truth. Today, large companies are looking for the best way to preserve the environment and are thus looking for solutions, as Silence has been doing for 7 years…

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Leading Spain, Silence focuses on Europe

For some time, Silence has been the leading company in the electric vehicle sector in Spain. Now, surpassing other brands in monthly registrations once again, Silence moves focus and reaches Europe. With the idea of offering a superior quality of life, cities that are noise and pollution free, with great convenience at work. Silence wants…

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Silence opens first Flagship Store in Europe in Luxembourg

Silence, a company that specialises in designing and manufacturing 100% electric motorbikes ‘Made in Barcelona’, is taking its first step into Europe by opening a Flagship Store in Luxembourg.  After eight years in the business and over 7.000 motorbikes sold (to fleets for service companies, deliveries and public parks), Silence is moving into the individual…

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Project Engineer

Project Engineer For the past seven years, the team at Silence has been designing, developing and manufacturing Electric Scooters and Battery packs with in-house developed technology. We are a great team making a dream come true: improving people´s life and the cities we all live in. Job Brief We are looking for an accountable project…

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Comfort reaches Silence: discover the reverse gear

Reverse on a motorcycle, does that exist? The truth is that in the current market there is not a wide variety of bikes equipped with the reverse mode. The big brands have opted to maintain conventional properties and delegate innovation to design, without paying much attention to increasing performance. The time has come to change…

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April, record month in Silence

We have finished the month of April in the best way possible, breaking records. For the first time in the history of Silence, 615 electric motorcycles have been produced in a single month, exactly 30 days. Small numbers! We are very happy that our staff, made up of great professionals, both in R&D and in…

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