Silence S01+

Fast & Easy

Tipus trolley removable battery


WMTC Autonomy

100 km/h

3 s

Acceleration 0-50 km/h


From (without VAT)

Discover the Silence S01+, the electric motorcycle with maximum performance!

For those who want more!

More Speed

For those who want more, it has extra power and constant acceleration of up to 100 km/h for safe and instant overtaking.

More design: More Sport

More design; Exclusive matt gray exterior color, seient premium sportswear with a special fabric and vermella stitching, unique motorcycle with distinctive S01+ logo.

More performance

We offer additional performance thanks to the CBS brake system with Galfer pickups. In addition, you like the drive thanks to the adjustable hydraulic shock absorbers with the best braking precision and dynamic driving experience.

More comfort: Great space

The S01+ is the electric motorcycle with the widest space below the seven among its commiters. Now you can keep the helmet and that of your companion. Thanks to the motor in the wheel and the position of the battery, there is no space under the seat and we have achieved a design thought for the user.

Driving manners


In ECO mode, the S01+ has the speed limited up to 70km/h. It allows you to save battery consumption and circulate in a more relaxed way.


The S01+ is designed to circulate in the City modality with a limited speed of 90 km/h, giving the vehicle a good level of performance and a more balanced consumption.


In SPORT modality the conduction droves it up to 100 km/h, offering more force and speed in specific cases and more regenerative braking. Once you try it, it will become your preferred driving mode.

We make charging fast & easy!

Removable battery pack trolley type

Fast & Easy: the easiest and most comfortable way to transport a battery pack, yes, like a trolley! Recharge your Battery Pack at home or at a Battery Station in just 30”. Battery pack with a large capacity, 5.6 kWh, for great performance.

Fast & Easy
Water resistance
Anti-theft system
Multi-function: Energy In&Out

100% connected electric bikes

App MySilence

Everything you need to know: share your vehicle with friend-sharing, control where it is located and the km of autonomy traveled or the percentage of charge, create routes, activate the alarm… And much more!

Battery level
Location control
Alarm system

Battery as a service

Battery subscription: Pay for use

Save up to 40% on the purchase of any Silence vehicle. Buy the vehicle and pay for the use of the battery In addition to saving, don’t worry about maintenance and technological obsolescence. And enjoy the immediacy offered by our Battery Station.


La prestigiosa web italiana Red Live califica a la Silence S01+ como una moto de categoría premium

Probamos el más potente de los scooters de Silence, el S01+


NEW Silence S01+ Review: The ULTIMATE Electric Scooter

Technical specifications

  • Acceleration


  • Maximum speed

    100 km/h

  • Motor

    7,5 kW

  • Battery Capacity

    5,6 kWh

  • Battery charger

    integrated SCHUKO 600W

  • Charging time

    @Battery Station: 30'' - @Home: 7-9h

  • Battery Weight


  • Dimensions (LxWxH)

    2026x722x1139 mm

  • Distance between axis

    1450 mm

  • Ground clearance from seat

    805 mm (755mm low seat)

  • Vehicle weight (without battery)


  • Wheels (front/rear)

    120/70-15 - 140/70-14

  • Brake

    Regenerative with CBS (Galfer)

  • Brakes (front/rear)

    Disk ø260mm / ø240mm

  • Lightning

    LED / Daytime Running Lights / Body-Integrated Turn Signals

  • Connector USB
  • Connectivity (via SIM-App)

    Geolocation, friend-sharing, alarm and more.

  • 4 Driving Mode


  • Reverse
  • Display Digital

    Speed, autonomy, SoC temperature, time and more.

Get around without emissions nor congestion.

The S01+ is always ready for your everyday life. Cover each of the 133 km of WMTC-approved range and enjoy a new way of worry-free mobility.

61M km


6,4M CO2

Without emissions

How much does it cost you to fill a deposit?

Save up to 80%: 100km in petrol is €5 in Silence 100km is €1.

How much do you spend on maintenance?

The heavy, simple, vibration-free mechanics endure. Don't worry, if you are electric save up to 80%.

How much time do you waste in the workshop?

An electrical diagnostic app detects problems in seconds and speeds up your journey through the workshop.

Go electric with the S01+!

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