S01 1 Range 137 Km* THE CITY OF TODAY No limits.
Get around the city with no limits.
Day and night.
Range: revised WMTC L3e.
S01 2
    S01 3
      S01 4

        127 Km



        revised WMTC L3e

        1 year

        free insurance*


        * For Spain only.


        Removable system

        Safe, easy and fast


        S01 5
        S01 6

        S01 7 Large luggage compartment

        Large boot

        Don’t worry about the luggage

        S01 8

        CBS Brakes

        The S01 comes standard with a combined braking system (CBS): the left lever brakes both wheels and the right lever brakes the front wheel and activates the regenerative brake system to help brake and recharge the battery.


        Fill the tank for 80% less: €100 of petrol is equivalent to €20 of electricity. Plus, save 30% on maintenance in tyres and brakes alone.

        Driving modes

        ECO: In Eco mode the scooter has
        limited speed of 70km/h. It allows you to economize and get about in a more relaxed way.

        CITY: The S01 is designed for getting around the City. It has limited speed of 85km/h, giving the vehicle a good level of performance and consumption.

        SPORT: In Sport mode the driving reaches 100Km/h, offering greater strength and speed in specific cases and a more regenerative braking.



        0 – 50 km/h in 3.8 seconds

        Speed limited at 100 km/h

        Motor 7.000W (9kW Peak Power)

        SCHUKO connection: Charger integrated in the Battery Pack – 600W

        Battery pack with 55W heater (works with charger and depends on the version)

        3 driving modes and reverse gear

        Weight without battery: 111 kg

        Dimensions: 2000x705x1313 mm

        Hydraulic shocks

        Proprietary electronics and BMS (Battery management system): Control the cell voltage, number of charges and temperature

        Wheelbase: 1450 mm

        Height off the ground: 177 mm

        Wheels (front and rear): 120 / 70-15 // 140 / 70-14

        Brakes (front and rear): Disc

        Regenerative CBS brakes

        LED lights/ daytime running lamps / built-in indicators

        Digital speedometer: Speed, SOC (state of charge), remaining km and temperatures