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The only electric motorcycles with a removable trolley-type battery

All Silence electric motorcycles and vehicles have a removable trolley-type battery that can be easily transported and charged at any domestic socket with absolute comfort. The total charge of the battery (5.6 kWh) is very economical, it is around 1 € (see kWh cost) A full charge gives us an approved autonomy of 133km on our best-selling motorcycle, S01.

We not only offer products… we also offer services: pay for the use of your vehicle’s Battery and save up to 40% on the purchase. Hand in hand with pay-per-use, Battery Stations, battery exchangers, are born, with which we eliminate recharging infrastructure problems.

Discover Silence

The electric motorcycle market in 2022

The electric motorcycle market in Europe has veen doubled the past 2022 and represents around 4% of the total market in Europe, where more than 1 million motorcycles are registered annually. Every day more and more users and companies rely on electric mobility as the best urban mobility solution. The advantages and benefits of driving an electric vehicle are many: savings, acoustic sustainability, reduction of polluting gases, connectivity, driving without noise or vibrations, financial aid and fiscal advantages, shared mobility services, experience …

In Silence we are the leading and reference brand in electric mobility at European level for the fourth consecutive year, market leaders with a 30% share of the motorcycle market (L3e) in Spain and Europe and with almost 10 thousand units manufactured in 2021.

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