Silence’s ride-sharing scooters now available in Jaén

Silence’s ride-sharing scooters have arrived in Jaén, in partnership with the Ávolo Group. Since Friday, the city enjoys the same clean, fast and safe mobility services as major European cities, such as Seville, Madrid, Rome and Barcelona, thanks to Silence electric scooters from the ACCIONA Group.

All the scooters in the service are electric and are connected to the “Silence Connected” mobile app, where users can find and book vehicles, check trip times and make payments.

The ride-sharing service by Silence and the Ávolo Group was presented on Friday at the Plaza de la Catedral in Jaén. The event was attended by Julio Millán, Mayor of Jaén, who gave a welcome speech: “Jaén is very fortunate to have Silence scooters here. I would like to thank the Ávolo Group, ACCIONA and Silence for their commitment to Jaén and for making us the second city smaller than 500,000 inhabitants to benefit from this service.

Julio Millán, alcalde de Jaén, da la bienvenida al motosharing de Silence.
Julio Millán, Mayor of Jaén, welcomes the Silence ride-sharing service.

The Mayor also stated that the new service is a step forward in improving the city’s quality of life: “This is a more sustainable mobility formula and we have to go in this direction to create a quieter, friendlier city and avoid the use of private vehicles, which I think is everyone’s goal.


The Ávolo Group, which has been working on mobility solutions for almost 50 years, is responsible for rolling out Silence’s ride-sharing services in Jaén. During the presentation, Ion Arévalo, the Group’s Managing Director, said that “Ride-sharing services are a clean and smart transport solution. 100% electric, with no CO2 emissions and no ambient noise. The most convenient, easy-to-use, most cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution on the market”. As for the impact this will have on Jaén, the numbers speak for themselves: “We estimate that we will reduce car journeys on the streets of Jaén by 50,000 in one year alone”.

After the speeches at Plaza de la Catedral, the public authorities and the media visited the Castle of Santa Ana, following a route that took in most of the city, like the future users of the ride-sharing service. The event concluded at the Patio de Armas of the Castle of Santa Ana, where an olive oil tasting event was held. A symbolic act that aimed to unite an emblematic, eco-friendly and sustainable product such as olive oil with zero-emission electric mobility.

Motos de Silence del servicio de motosharing de Jaén.
Scooters of Silence’s ride-sharing service in Jaén.


To use this service, you just need to download the free “Silence Connected” mobile app. After registering as a user and once your driver’s license has been checked (a car licence is accepted), you can use the scooters. Simply open the app and find the closest scooter.

On the smartphone screen, you will see a map of Jaén with the location of the scooter and its battery level. Here you can book the vehicle , which will remain unavailable for 15 minutes, so that no other users can use it during that time. The vehicle will start once you press the “Start trip” button in the app. The rear box, which contains two helmets, will open after the scooter has been started. From this moment onwards, you can move around the city freely.

When you reach your destination, you must park the scooter properly, put the helmet back in the top-box and end your trip on the app, which will display the amount to be paid according to how many minutes your trip lasted.

Una de las motos del servicio de Motosharing de Silence Jaén.
One of Silence’s ride-sharing scooters in Jaén.
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