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What is an electric motorcycle?

What are the benefits of Silence electric scooters?

What license do I need to drive the S01?

How much can we save using a Silence electric motorcycle?

What features come standard with the S01?

Where can I take my motorcycle if it has a problem?

Silence scooters have a guarantee?

How to purchase technical documentation for Silence vehicles

What types of batteries are there? What autonomy do they have?

How long does it take to charge a battery?

How is the battery charged?

What useful life does a battery have?

My battery is damaged, what do I do?

My battery has been stolen, what do I do?

Can I still subscribe to battery rental if I don't use the battery station?

How long does it take to charge the battery?

I can't reserve the battery in a station, the icon is gray

I made a mistake and booked at another station, what do I do?

When I make a reservation, how long does it last?

"An error occurred when making the reservation. Please try again later"

The "book" button does not work / does not respond

How many swaps can I make per day?

Can I choose the station row?

I cannot perform a swap, the station does not accept my battery (red LED appears on the module in which I insert it)

Cancel / unsubscribe

I can't subscribe, documents pending validation

Subscription has not been completed "Sign up in process"

I did not receive the confirmation email of terms and conditions

What location should I select for delivery?

Mistake when selecting the location for the delivery of my battery - Change of location

I have not been charged the deposit of €250

Can I have more than one subscription with the same user?

Card empty of funds and I have not been able to make a payment. How do I try again?

Company billing

Why am I charged twice for the first month?

Is there a bail?

Where can I change the billing address?

Current month consumption display

Is there a charge for consumption charged at home?

When is the fee charged?

How is the total consumption of my battery calculated?

How do I contract the damage and theft coverage?

What coverage does the insurance have?

What price and duration does it have?

How do I cancel the insurance?

In case of theft or damage, how should I proceed?

Can I have my user activated on several devices with the same App?

I can't register "user already registered"

I can't register/log in "Something went wrong"

I can't log in "wrong password"

Change of password

How do I upload the documents?

My documents have not been validated

How do I add a payment method?

Added payment method does not appear

Change payment method

My card is not accepted as a method of payment

How do I update my personal data?

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