MGS joins the shareholding of Silence

MGS Seguros acquires 2% of the company Silence, dedicated to the development and manufacture of electric motorcycles in Barcelona, becoming part of the leading company in the sector in Spain. The agreement, signed in October between Carlos Sotelo, CEO of Silence, and Ramón Vilar, Economic and Financial Director of MGS, represents a new impetus and…

The electric scooter Silence has the 62% market place

Finished September, and like every month, we get the news of the motorcycle sector, both fuel and electric. Once again, Silence is the leader with its S02 electric scooter. We don’t say it ourselves, all the statistical studies carried out by associations such as AEDIVE say it, looking for the number of motorcycles sold each…

Rotterdam goes for electric: Silence wins tender 200 scooters

The municipality of Rotterdam (The Netherlands) has chosen for the electric Silence scooters via a large tender. In the following 4 years around 200 scooters will be purchased for the Supervision and Enforcement department. The Silence scooter is no stranger to the municipality of Rotterdam. At the end of 2016 they tested the e-scooter, after…

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