Hello Barcelona! We launched our own Flagship Store

On June 12th was a very special day for Silence. We welcomed Silence to Barcelona, the city that saw us born and that has slowly seen us grow with B2B fleets.

The first brand Flagship Store is already in Barcelona and for that reason on June 12 we wanted to celebrate with all of you. A very special occasion to welcome the S01. What we wanted!

It has been a long time that we have been working on settling in a city as important as Barcelona, the city of motorcycles.

On the morning of June 12, we shared a press conference with journalists, where we were able to explain the growth of Silence, the new proposals and objectives, the manufacture of S01 … We have the company CEO, Carlos Sotelo ; with the director of Aedive, Arturo Pérez de Lucia; and with the engineer and CEO of Silence, Vicenç Aguilera. All of them contributed information about the electric vehicle, the environment, the state panorama versus electric transport. Endless information to keep abreast of the solutions that Silence wants to contribute to improve lives in cities.

In the afternoon, starting at 7pm, our Flagship Store on Calle Muntaner, 227, opened its doors to all those who would like to discover Silence’s new sustainability model. As Carlos Sotelo commented, one of the main objectives of the company is «to finish with the barriers of loading points». For this reason from R & D has designed a battery exchanger cabinet whose purpose is to offer the user a charged battery when needed. A technology that is possible thanks to the connectivity that Silence integrates in all its bikes. Any vehicle that leaves the production plant that Silence has in Molins de Rei is connected through an App. This allows the user not to depend on the key to start it, to know the location of his motorcycle at any time, the state of the battery, the amount of CO2 you have saved thanks to driving an electric vehicle and also at what point in the city is the closest charged battery.

With this new Flagship Store Silence in Barcelona, the pilot project is started, so that for the next year, all users can start enjoying it. Being able to acquire the bike at a lower cost, and with a battery renting. One more solution to end pollution on the street.

The party was enlivened by a DJ of the most spectacular, to which we connect the speakers with the Silence battery. Do not you think it’s incredible? We were able to listen to music until 10pm thanks to the energy of our be. As commented Carlos Sotelo, «with this vehicle we have not tried to make a motorcycle but a way of life.» And is that the S01 is a sustainable vehicle at 360º level, as it could be demonstrated at the party.

Thanks to the battery, the user can enjoy an ‘eco’ experience from kilometer zero. In addition to feeding the motorcycle, the so-called «be» is accompanied by two elements. On the one hand a solar tree – which can be installed on any balcony or garden – to charge the battery in a completely sustainable and free and, on the other hand, the so-called ‘inverter’ own development. It is an adapter that, connected to the battery, allows to transform the accumulated energy and apply it for other purposes. From connecting any device, to leaving the weekend in caravan without consuming other energy than the battery.

During the party, we also had the presence of a mime that, based on silence and lots of fun, made people laugh without stopping. It was sooo Silence!

To finish having a great time, the catering Aspic, delighted us with a tasting of their delicacies, and refreshed us with Lucky wine and other refreshments. A great way to spend an evening with more than 300 people who wanted to come to celebrate the arrival of the S01 in Barcelona.

Do you want to see all the photos of the inauguration? Enter the Facebook album and find out!

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