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AFTER 40,000 km,



At SILENCE we have carried out an exhaustive study with batteries with more than 400 charge and discharge cycles, which we manufacture and develop in our Molins de Rei production plant where we check the maintenance status of our products. With the participation of different clients who work in delivery and have their S02 and S03 e-scooters operating all day, the case studies are completely real. Thanks to all these reviews and studies, we have been able to see how there is NO deterioration after a long use of the batteries. A full guarantee of quality!

Silence S02 removable battery

Long life for Silence Battery Packs

At the beginning of 2015, Silence launched the S02 electric scooter, designed for the delivery of small goods, as well as transportation for companies and their workers around the city. After three years, the first e-scooters for delivery and take-away companies have begun to cross the 40,000-km barrier. A considerable figure and perfect for studying, and evaluating all the kilometres travelled day by day, and the state of the batteries.

The R&D department at Silence has carried out laboratory cycle tests of both the charge and discharge cycles of several batteries. The results show that the average energy capacity of Silence batteries after 40,000 km is estimated to be 97 %, with a minimum variation that does not affect batteries performance. This average data shows that the management of the BMS (Battery Management System) developed by Silence is of maximum efficiency.


ARA VINC, Barcelona

Ara Vinc is a last-mile delivery company based in Barcelona that carries out deliveries of small and large goods every day. With a 100 % environment-friendly philosophy, its means of transport is always the most sustainable. That is why they chose Silence, placing their trust in our scooters and batteries from the beginning. It currently has a fleet of 39 Silence S02 scooters, four of them have between 31,000 km and 39,300 km (frames 178 to 181) but they still show the same performance as they did at the beginning. Workers at Ara Vinc are 100 % satisfied with the performance and features of Silence electric scooters, as shown in this video.

Estudio baterías Ara Vinc

TRANSALI for JUST EAT, Santiago de Compostela

Transali is in charge of the takeaway service for Just Eat in Santiago de Compostela. It has a total fleet of 15 Silence S02 scooters. Five of them were acquired two years ago and have travelled between 35,000 km and 47,000 km. Two S02 were acquired 14 months ago and have travelled between 22,000 km and 24,000 km. Another six scooters were bought 3 months ago and have between 6,000 km and 10,000 km. And, two more Silence scooters have just been acquired due to their good performance. According to Juan Andrés, owner of Transali Compostela, “We are pleasantly surprised by our Silence S02 scooters. With more than 40,000 km, they keep their autonomy at a similar level to the initial one. We recommend Silence for autonomy, performance and savings”.

Transali is another clear example of the non-stop daily use of the scooters for delivery in the city of Santiago de Compostela, whose terrain is uneven and with lots of paving stones. This also really surprised the workers, as even on streets like these, the scooters and their batteries have always responded perfectly, without damage or problems.

Use type: Food delivery                Daily Km: 80 km average                                      Climate: Cold and rainy most of the year

Driver: Several                             Load capacity: 173 kg

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We have reached the 500 pre-reservations of the S01!

We did it. We have reached the first 500 pre-reserves of the S01 in the first half of 2019. The objective of the Silence team has been fulfilled thanks to each one of you.

We are very happy, but above all we are very grateful. With the confidence that you have given us with each of the reserves of the S01 – without having tried it and having seen very little – we have made the S01 already on sale. Now we can only give you 500 THANKS or more.

Thank you for trusting the Silence team, our project and the S01. But above all, thanks for wanting to contribute to improve our ecosystem. So that our cities are getting cleaner and cleaner and that the future we leave to the next generations is better. Because you are a key element so that everything improves. And you have joined Silence to make it possible. How could we not be grateful?

The dream of filling the motorcycle cities S01 is getting closer thanks to people like you. People who believe that change is possible.

When will they be delivered?

The production and delivery of the Silence S01 is falling. In the second half of July the production will start at our factory in Molins de Rei, and by then the bikes will be delivered in strict order of pre-booking to the 500 people who have placed their order. Each user will receive it in their locality, with the color they have requested and everything ready to start shooting. What a thrill!

And now that?

Once you have reached the number of the launch offer for S01, you will wonder what will happen. Are we going to continue selling? How can you buy? What conditions will there be from now? Relax, everything is controlled. In Silence we are so happy to have reached the 500 units, and seen the success and demand that is currently with our bikes, we have a news to give to our online store and physical outlets.

If you are one of those who have not reached the launch offer or if you have recently discovered the S01 and now you strongly want one of them … From now on, we launched a promotion so that you can also enjoy the S01. What are we going to offer?

For the next 500 units, the S01 will have a price of 5.995 euros (in the Spanish market) and 3 years of warranty included.

Discover more of the S01, the motorcycle that became connectivity

The S01 is a motorcycle of high benefits, homologated, and that has an equivalence to a motorcycle of 125cc, with a maximum speed of 100km/h. Designed especially for the individual, it is a perfect electric motorbike for the cities, and with the convenience of the removable battery as a trolley. It is managed by an App, with which you can manage the opening of the motorcycle, the battery status, geolocation … Endless benefits for you.

Our electric motorbike for the individual incorporates the battery that we have called ‘be’. It is a 5kWh battery and offers an autonomy of up to 215 kilometers approved, so driving through the city without fear of staying pulled is assured. Its trolley-type extraction and transport system makes the barrier of loading points totally non-existent. In addition, it is the only battery with these features and features, which allows you to move around the city with it and load it wherever you want, as well as providing great power and autonomy.

Thanks to this system, the bean goes beyond the life that gives the motorcycle. A battery that, with the inverter developed by our R&D department, gives energy to any electrical device you need. Can you imagine making yourself a coffee or carrying your laptop in the park with your Silence battery? If possible.

Hello Barcelona! We launched our own Flagship Store

On June 12th was a very special day for Silence. We welcomed Silence to Barcelona, the city that saw us born and that has slowly seen us grow with B2B fleets.

The first brand Flagship Store is already in Barcelona and for that reason on June 12 we wanted to celebrate with all of you. A very special occasion to welcome the S01. What we wanted!

It has been a long time that we have been working on settling in a city as important as Barcelona, the city of motorcycles.

On the morning of June 12, we shared a press conference with journalists, where we were able to explain the growth of Silence, the new proposals and objectives, the manufacture of S01 … We have the company CEO, Carlos Sotelo ; with the director of Aedive, Arturo Pérez de Lucia; and with the engineer and CEO of Silence, Vicenç Aguilera. All of them contributed information about the electric vehicle, the environment, the state panorama versus electric transport. Endless information to keep abreast of the solutions that Silence wants to contribute to improve lives in cities.

In the afternoon, starting at 7pm, our Flagship Store on Calle Muntaner, 227, opened its doors to all those who would like to discover Silence’s new sustainability model. As Carlos Sotelo commented, one of the main objectives of the company is «to finish with the barriers of loading points». For this reason from R & D has designed a battery exchanger cabinet whose purpose is to offer the user a charged battery when needed. A technology that is possible thanks to the connectivity that Silence integrates in all its bikes. Any vehicle that leaves the production plant that Silence has in Molins de Rei is connected through an App. This allows the user not to depend on the key to start it, to know the location of his motorcycle at any time, the state of the battery, the amount of CO2 you have saved thanks to driving an electric vehicle and also at what point in the city is the closest charged battery.

With this new Flagship Store Silence in Barcelona, the pilot project is started, so that for the next year, all users can start enjoying it. Being able to acquire the bike at a lower cost, and with a battery renting. One more solution to end pollution on the street.

The party was enlivened by a DJ of the most spectacular, to which we connect the speakers with the Silence battery. Do not you think it’s incredible? We were able to listen to music until 10pm thanks to the energy of our be. As commented Carlos Sotelo, «with this vehicle we have not tried to make a motorcycle but a way of life.» And is that the S01 is a sustainable vehicle at 360º level, as it could be demonstrated at the party.

Thanks to the battery, the user can enjoy an ‘eco’ experience from kilometer zero. In addition to feeding the motorcycle, the so-called «be» is accompanied by two elements. On the one hand a solar tree – which can be installed on any balcony or garden – to charge the battery in a completely sustainable and free and, on the other hand, the so-called ‘inverter’ own development. It is an adapter that, connected to the battery, allows to transform the accumulated energy and apply it for other purposes. From connecting any device, to leaving the weekend in caravan without consuming other energy than the battery.

During the party, we also had the presence of a mime that, based on silence and lots of fun, made people laugh without stopping. It was sooo Silence!

To finish having a great time, the catering Aspic, delighted us with a tasting of their delicacies, and refreshed us with Lucky wine and other refreshments. A great way to spend an evening with more than 300 people who wanted to come to celebrate the arrival of the S01 in Barcelona.

Do you want to see all the photos of the inauguration? Enter the Facebook album and find out!

Silence opens first Flagship Store in Europe in Luxembourg

Silence, a company that specialises in designing and manufacturing 100% electric motorbikes ‘Made in Barcelona’, is taking its first step into Europe by opening a Flagship Store in Luxembourg. 

After eight years in the business and over 7.000 motorbikes sold (to fleets for service companies, deliveries and public parks), Silence is moving into the individual market, as well as crossing the Pyrenees.

A clear commitment to sustainability

Based in Kockelscheuer, the Luxite business district, the young Luxembourg company Cube4T8 will be in charge of developing and implementing innovative micromobility solutions for Luxembourg and the Greater Region. According to Laurent Gouverneur, head of new project development at Cube4T8, “The automotive sector is in the midst of a radical shift and it will change even more over the next 5 years.”

Silence is the companys first project in sustainability and electric mobility. It is a concept store that aims to contribute its grain of sand to making cities healthier by selling the S01 model to individual drivers.
It is a two-wheeled vehicle, equivalent to a 125cc motorbike, that is fully equipped and has a removable trolley-style battery system that overcomes the typical challenges of charging points.

This new model, according to Silence founder and CEO Carlos Sotelo, aims to “be more than just a motorbike”. With the new S01 model, “we aim to offer users a sustainable lifestyle that adapts to their needs”.
So, beyond the vehicles themselves, Silence is also selling a “solar tree” to charge batteries (without being hooked up to the grid) and an inverter, to use the power stored in the battery for other purposes.

The new Flagship Store Silence in Luxembourg is located at Route Thionville 78-90, located right in the center of business, and with a very busy area for businesses in the sector.

«Today is a great day for Silence, we mark a historic record in the calendar, we opened a store in Luxembourg» – Carlos Sotelo

The new bike for the individual is a two-wheeled vehicle, equivalent to a 125cc, fully connected and with extractable battery-type trolley- that allows breaking with the barriers of the charging points. The objective of this new model is, according to Carlos Sotelo, CEO and founder of Silence, «to be more than a motorcycle». With the new S01 «we intend to offer the user a way of life».

Comfort reaches Silence: discover the reverse gear

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Reverse on a motorcycle, does that exist?

The truth is that in the current market there is not a wide variety of bikes equipped with the reverse mode. The big brands have opted to maintain conventional properties and delegate innovation to design, without paying much attention to increasing performance. The time has come to change the pace of things, to leave combustion behind and bet on the electric, for the future. Of course, always looking to give the best customer service, whether private or company.

Silence was born in 2012 with the idea of making tomorrow a more sustainable world. An idea that remains firm and in the head of our company’s objectives. This philosophy allows the visualization of a new concept of mobility, which can solve the needs of the citizenship that, until now, had been overlooked. One of the problems that the Silence team detected was the difficulty of maneuvering backwards with a motorcycle.


Who has not encountered the obligation to move his motorcycle backwards without being able to connect and shuffle? A little problem that is always very annoying. And, how could it be otherwise, in Silence we solved it to give a plus to our bikes and all their drivers, offering something that does not exist in any other model of the electric motorcycle market.

The benefits of this option are evident and the reverse gear is already incorporated in our three models: S01, S02 and S03. Silence is committed to cutting-edge design, to greener cities, much cleaner and, above all, to innovation in each of our vehicles. We accept the challenge of ending discomforts and we can affirm that we achieve it. An achievement that our R&D team developed based on work and tests so that everything was «on wheels». And we have great professionals who each day contribute their talent in building a cleaner and more beautiful world for everyone.

And how does a reverse button work?

It is very simple and very safe at the same time. To be able to use this feature, you must have the motorcycle on and press the green button continuously. At the same time, it is necessary to give speed to the motorcycle, so that it makes the route that you wish. We know that by your head right now you are thinking, at what speed can I go? It is safe? Indeed, it is totally safe. Because in Silence we think above all about road safety, and therefore, we have limited the speed of the reversing option. You will not be able to drive back as fast as you want, but at a prudent speed that avoids accidents and facilitates that displacement in a comfortable way.

In Silence we have already discovered and developed a feature that will be very beneficial for your electric motorcycle. Now, if you do not believe it, why do not you try it? We invite you to have a Silence with which to enjoy the provision of the reverse gear. And you will see how you will have the best motorcycle in the electric market, with the best battery and the magic green button.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=»1/3″][vc_widget_sidebar sidebar_id=»sidebar_1″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

April, record month in Silence

We have finished the month of April in the best way possible, breaking records. For the first time in the history of Silence, 615 electric motorcycles have been produced in a single month, exactly 30 days. Small numbers!

We are very happy that our staff, made up of great professionals, both in R&D and in production and sales, have reached a record in our company.

To give you an idea of the joy that this amount has brought, reached the same month of April in which the factory was 2 years old, you should know that until now our record in production was 300 electric bikes. Therefore, we have doubled the usual production in our factory in the month of April, the most special for Silence

Silence in one year

The Silence brand started in 2012 with a team of four people. This month of April, after the second anniversary of our new factory, and seven years after the birth of the company, we have more than 100 people. We closed the year of 2018 with 3,000 electric motorcycles produced and a turnover of 14 million euros (three times higher than at the end of 2017). The production and performance of Silence has been exponential and every day we are more the ones that join us to create for what we believe, a cleaner world.

The model that S01, which will begin to produce in the coming months, is an electric motorcycle with 125ccc features and a removable battery as a trolley suitcase. The battery can be transported anywhere in a comfortable and very safe way, which will allow you to break the impediment of the loading point. In addition, the beautifier allows the scooter an autonomy of 100 real kilometers, with the facility that it can be charged at any household outlet and get a total charge in only 5 hours.

There are more than 360 people who until the month of April had made its pre-reservation of 600 euros, with the launch of the first 500 units of motorcycles S01. A starting gun that has exceeded any expectations and that we want to take us to flood the streets of electric mobility.

How does Silence and its production work?

The day to day in Silence is very diverse. Although in many cases there is a work routine, there are always a thousand different things when you set out to create electric motorcycles. The R&D workers are in charge of creating and designing the bikes in the most technical aspect. Its technology and all the components and features presented by a Silence motorcycle, whether model S02, S03 or S01, are created ‘in house’ with our team of engineers. A team of experts in technology and the automotive sector is looking for the best proposals and conditions to create the electric bikes that you see today.

Once all the technical services have been validated, the production of our bikes in the factory starts up. There are more than X people who work in our production plant, with more than 50 workers. Our factory template is divided into two parts: batteries and motorcycles.

The batteries have a secret procedure that makes us the only ones in Spain that manufacture all their components in their own facilities. And we share the position in Europe with BMW. From there comes the heart of our bikes, made with the greatest delicacy.

Our other part of the factory is divided into the production of motorcycles. Both online and in all the materials that are received so that each piece can be assembled in its place and the assembly of the motorcycle is rolled. It is a great teamwork that shows companionship every day and that things always go well.


The Silence factory celebrates its second anniversary!

[vc_row][vc_column width=»2/3″][vc_column_text]On a day like today two years ago, Silence grew up. It was on April 26th of 2017 when we created the new Silence factory that would allow us to reach the rhythm of orders that we had at that time. That is why we changed the production centre for electric motorcycles from Esplugues de Llobregat to Molins de Rei (Barcelona). It was a leap that we dared to make in order to improve and be able to continue our dream in a new production plant.

A dream that at that time realized 50 people working day by day in our facilities. Currently, the Silence factory and R&D have a total of 100 workers. What a change!

We have grown and new people have joined the electric mobility company that leads the sector. Our goal is to have clean cities where all its inhabitants and companies can move with electric motorcycles, and in an environmentally friendly way.

What do we do at the Silence factory?

The Silence production plant has two main functions. In Molins de Rei (Barcelona), where it is located, we manufacture all the electric motorcycles that we sell to our clients, whether they are individuals or companies. And whatever the model: S02, S03 and S01. We make all the steps so that, once we have the chassis of the motorcycle, it is placed in the production line and is built entirely. Right here, our final inspection team checks the vehicle, where it is verified that all the functions of the bike are going correctly and that it will reach the customer in an optimal state, with the best quality. In addition, at the Silence factory we have a line of batteries, where we manufacture all the batteries that our electric motorcycles carry. With the Samsung technology that we use, our expert assembly workers create the biggest secret of the brand. Whoever comes to our factory knows that photos there are forbidden: the secret formula is ours!

And we are the only factory in Spain that produces motorcycles and batteries ‘in house’. And in Europe, we share the honour with the German brand BMW. In the end, everything good stays at home, and it is here in our Silence factory where we make all the electric motorcycles that you then see and drive down the street.

In addition, in the Molins de Rei facilities, there are the offices where the Marketing and Communication, Commercial (National and Export), Administration and Purchasing, and Quality and After-sales departments are located. An endless number of people who give their best every day so that Silence fulfills its objective: to improve the quality of life in all the cities of the world.

But, what do you do in Esplugues de Llobregat?

We’re not just in Molins de Rei, even if it’s the second anniversary of our factory there. Our R&D team, the thinking heads of engineering in Silence, are in Esplugues de Llobregat (Barcelona). In these facilities we have a very special padock where all the motorcycles and their technology are created. There they also test and change the bikes, to update the versions and always find the best formula for everything to work great. In the Esplugues facilities you will also find our financial department, the people who make sure that all the numbers are always in order. What would we do without them!

We want to continue fulfilling challenges and dreams, because working at Silence makes us happy. Let’s toast to a future together and a planet without noise pollution and waste. Everything is possible if we all cooperate and do our part.

Happy second anniversary Silence factory![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=»1/3″][vc_widget_sidebar sidebar_id=»sidebar_1″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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