We have reached the 500 pre-reservations of the S01!

We did it. We have reached the first 500 pre-reserves of the S01 in the first half of 2019. The objective of the Silence team has been fulfilled thanks to each one of you.

We are very happy, but above all we are very grateful. With the confidence that you have given us with each of the reserves of the S01 – without having tried it and having seen very little – we have made the S01 already on sale. Now we can only give you 500 THANKS or more.

Thank you for trusting the Silence team, our project and the S01. But above all, thanks for wanting to contribute to improve our ecosystem. So that our cities are getting cleaner and cleaner and that the future we leave to the next generations is better. Because you are a key element so that everything improves. And you have joined Silence to make it possible. How could we not be grateful?

The dream of filling the motorcycle cities S01 is getting closer thanks to people like you. People who believe that change is possible.

When will they be delivered?

The production and delivery of the Silence S01 is falling. In the second half of July the production will start at our factory in Molins de Rei, and by then the bikes will be delivered in strict order of pre-booking to the 500 people who have placed their order. Each user will receive it in their locality, with the color they have requested and everything ready to start shooting. What a thrill!

And now that?

Once you have reached the number of the launch offer for S01, you will wonder what will happen. Are we going to continue selling? How can you buy? What conditions will there be from now? Relax, everything is controlled. In Silence we are so happy to have reached the 500 units, and seen the success and demand that is currently with our bikes, we have a news to give to our online store and physical outlets.

If you are one of those who have not reached the launch offer or if you have recently discovered the S01 and now you strongly want one of them … From now on, we launched a promotion so that you can also enjoy the S01. What are we going to offer?

For the next 500 units, the S01 will have a price of 5.995 euros (in the Spanish market) and 3 years of warranty included.

Discover more of the S01, the motorcycle that became connectivity

The S01 is a motorcycle of high benefits, homologated, and that has an equivalence to a motorcycle of 125cc, with a maximum speed of 100km/h. Designed especially for the individual, it is a perfect electric motorbike for the cities, and with the convenience of the removable battery as a trolley. It is managed by an App, with which you can manage the opening of the motorcycle, the battery status, geolocation … Endless benefits for you.

Our electric motorbike for the individual incorporates the battery that we have called ‘be’. It is a 5kWh battery and offers an autonomy of up to 215 kilometers approved, so driving through the city without fear of staying pulled is assured. Its trolley-type extraction and transport system makes the barrier of loading points totally non-existent. In addition, it is the only battery with these features and features, which allows you to move around the city with it and load it wherever you want, as well as providing great power and autonomy.

Thanks to this system, the bean goes beyond the life that gives the motorcycle. A battery that, with the inverter developed by our R&D department, gives energy to any electrical device you need. Can you imagine making yourself a coffee or carrying your laptop in the park with your Silence battery? If possible.

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